Sightseeing Areas

Apart from the beach activities,tourista can visit the small fisherman villages and experience the old-fashioned life-style.Local markets where various items made out of coconuts and shells can be found,are not far from the hotel site. Even after exploring the countryside do not make you content,we can arrange you a boat trip to the nearby magnificent islands.Moreover,there is also a great golf course for the passionte golfers who would like to enjoy the scenes and pratice their skills at the same time.
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There are couples of islands nera Ngapail beach.The most prominent and popular islands are Pearl Island and White Sand Island.Snorkeling,fishing and camping under starry sky can be the least you can do in those islands. And one do not need to worry about the security matters as the locals here are very friendly and helpful to the tourists.The boat trips and special events like " barbecue" can be arrenged by our hotel upon your early request.We are sure that the boat trips to the nearby islands will be your greatest memory of being at Ngapali beach.


Both modern and antique villades can be seen just in the neighborhoods. For people with interests in photography and history,we recommmend going these villages as they can give you valuable and unforgettable experiences.

Markets/ Souvenir shops

Thandwe market is located in the city which is thirty minutes drive from our hotel.Local products such as figures made out of coconuts,accessories made out of shells,beautiful coral stones and another cute gifts can be bought in this market.Liveliness of the market itself is still the amazing sight for the visitors.

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